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What exactly is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a paper that is normally assigned to students that are in college and it is a very long paper that covers one main subject but does a bunch of different factors about that topic. The formatting of this paper is very similar to that of any other scholarly paper, only difference is that this paper is several pages more and more in length than any other type of paper. This kind of paper is very common among students in college who are getting their doctorate especially in philosophy.

Think of a dissertation as a new form of a project to do:

Since we have started school we have been assigned work to do, one assignment after another, a book to read, a paper to write, an experiment in lab class and more. All of these experiences have been preparing us for our lives later on in school, such as college and eventually for our jobs. Writing a dissertation is like writing any other kind of paper but because of the length of it and the amount of effort and time that goes into properly writing one, it is more than likely compared to writing a novel that is up for consideration to be a best seller.

The dissertation and the stresses that come with it:

A lot of college kids stress out just at the mere mention of a dissertation just because it is so long to write. But honestly you should not be that worried about it because it is all in preparation of what you have been studying for your life; it is preparation for the career path you have chosen. Just keep in mind that when it comes to writing a dissertation you are better off starting early off in the class. The earlier you start then the more time you have to gather all of the information that you need and the more time you have to put everything together and do research. Also the more time you will have to re-read everything and edit and fix anything that needs to be fixed and or add anything else that you want to add to it.

Getting tips for writing a dissertation:

There are plenty of different websites online that offer assistance as well as tips and tricks to writing a dissertation. A few of the more popular dissertations websites that are used by students are the following but not limited to:

  • Dissertationland
  • 123dissertations
  • Dissertationmanageronline