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A List Of Excellent Dissertation Topics In Organizational Psychology

A very specific niche in psychology is the study of human behavior in workplace settings, called organization psychology. It deals with how psychological principles and theories work with how an organization is set up and how people interact with one another. There are a number of excellent topics that make for great dissertations in this field. Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

  1. Limits of Online Searches and How Personal Information is Used
  2. Now that so much information can be easily shared and altered, how should businesses and other authorities use personal information that is found online.

  3. How the Internet Affects Recruitment and Selection Processes
  4. Discuss the ways in which the internet has affected the way business will hire its employees. Consider social media, professional profiles, online record checks, etc.

  5. The Virtual Workplace and the Effects of Globalization
  6. How has globalization affected the way business owners have embraced and even promoted the virtual workplace (i.e., outsourcing)?

  7. Coaching Strategies and Presence in the Workplace
  8. More and more organizations are inviting work coaches to spend more time in the office to train its employees. How effective is this strategy in improving employees’ production?

  9. Employee Development and the New Super Worker
  10. How are companies trying to cut costs by training single employees to do more than ever before? What are the perceived long-term effects of this?

  11. How Organizational Innovation Drives Economy
  12. Finding new ways to be productive in the workspace changes more than just a company’s profits; it creates a new sort of economy with the tools and new niches that are needed to fill these innovations.

  13. Technology-Based Training Over Hands-On Training
  14. Gone are the days where new workers learned from experts within a company. Now new employees take self-paced courses from the luxury of their home or office space. Is this as effective or efficient?

  15. Social Media and the Electronic Platform
  16. Tweet, blog, share, post… these are all terms that have taken over the business world as traditional forms of spreading a brand or company message have become less effective. How is this affecting workers?

  17. Employee Health and Organization Profit
  18. Companies can’t deny that a healthy employee is more productive and will lead to greater profit. How are companies incorporating programs that promote better health from it’s workers?

  19. How Blending Life and Work Affects Production
  20. More people are bringing the two together in order to get more done. But is it having the opposite effect and actually causing less production?