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How To Buy A Thesis And Save Your Money At The Same Time

The following are some questions we get asked quite often about buying theses online. Students are keen to use our type of service, but are not sure whether they can afford it. While there are some misconceptions about how much a thesis costs, there are also ways that students can lower the cost significantly.

  • Do good writing services exist at reasonable prices?
  • Yes, there are writing companies that aim at serving the majority of students and therefore they offer their theses at lower than usual prices. They are able to do this because they sell high quantities of theses. High demand means that more writers are employed to write theses on a regular basis, which allows for lower costs because of the regularity of the work.
  • How can I shop around for the best price?
  • Simply set yourself a budget and start looking around. You’ll soon start seeing a pattern of expensive, cheap, and everything in between. This is where you should opt for medium costs. The expensive companies are out there, and their quality is good, but the same quality can be obtained for a medium price from a company that’s been around longer and that serves more students on a regular basis.
  • Will I have to sacrifice quality for cost?
  • Absolutely not. Again, go for the medium priced companies. If you opt for the cheap companies, you are sure to have problems with the quality of writing and the service in general.
  • What can I do to lower the costs?
    1. Make sure you plan way ahead of time to get the thesis that you want. You may need to have your thesis written from scratch. If this is the case, give the company lots of time to do this, as it will be cheaper. Urgent thesis writing can be very pricey.
    2. Buy more than one paper at a time. Consider some other resources you may need. An essay example, a research paper template, etc. The more you buy at the same time, the more you can negotiate on the price.
    3. If you are having a thesis written from scratch, do some of the work beforehand. Outline it for your writer, gather most of the research, and add some of your own notes. The more you do in the time you have, the less the company will charge you for doing the rest.