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How to check online academic writing companies for credibility

You might think it is easy to hire an online academic writing company to complete your academic essays for you, but this could not be farther from the truth. Finding a credible, reliable, and honest online academic writing company is actually quite challenging. First, there are just so many website that claim to offer the best writing services. Second, most of the sites are just in business to cheat students who are trying to cheat. Third, many of the most credible sites do not offer services for students who need essays written. How do you check for a credible site so you are not cheated?

Pick Through the Site

When you are shopping for a website, go over the site with a fine toothed comb. Look for spelling errors, grammar errors, and faults in their layouts. These are signs that the website is not created by professionals. The amateur websites are more likely to take advantage of trusting people, because they were thrown together quickly to make a quick buck. The well crafted sites are usually more honest, because they want to succeed in the long run.

Communication is Key

Try to speak directly with your writer. The best sites will let you choose your own writer and communicate one on one. The sites that are trying to take your money will not give you any choices, other than the length of the paper and the due date. The real sites that will provide a good service will be focused on you and your success. You will be able to choose from writers who specialize in your topic and academic level. You will also receive information like a private email address and even a phone number.

Avoid the Freelancing Sites

When you are shopping around for a writer, it is best to avoid the big freelance websites. Even though these are the best places to find writers, most of the sites doe not allows students to post jobs for essay writing. If you can create a job for your essay, but without making the job look academic, you might be able to get around the screeners. But, as soon as someone sniffs out that you are trying to get someone else to write your paper, your job posting will be yanked from the site.

Once you find the perfect writer, you should develop a working relationship so you can use the same writer over and over again.