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Basic MLA Citation Rules For An Unpublished Dissertation

Given the chance that you will be expected to write and present your dissertation at some point in time, one of the most important things that you will need to try and figure out is how you can go on working on this paper. The style of citation that you get to use is also another area where you should pay attention. The MLA style has been perfected for unpublished dissertations, and this is normally one thing that makes your work stand out. In the event that you do not know what to do, there are some basic guidelines that we will look into herein, which can help you figure out how to proceed in this paper with ease.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is often preferred for such papers because of its professional appeal. The following are some citation rules that you need to think about when working on this paper:

  • Formatting rules
  • Citation guidelines

Formatting rules

Whenever you are formatting this paper, there are some simple rules that you are supposed to take into consideration. It is important to make sure that you think about things like the margins and the fonts, because for most of the time, teachers will notice these without even spending a few minutes on your paper.

Page margins in this paper must always be set an inch from all borders. When you are writing this paper, make sure that you use fonts that are easy to read. Preferably, stick to Times New Roman font size 12 unless otherwise specified.

As you are writing, ensure that you also format your paper with perfect spacing. As a matter of fact, double space your work and you will not have to worry about a thing.

Citation guidelines

There are a number of citation guidelines that you need to think about. As you are addressing the sources in your work, remember that you should only use the last name of the author, then follow it with the year of publication.

Just in case you have to cite a source that is an URL, make sure that you insert it appropriately. URLs are only supposed to be used to provide supplementary information, and only perhaps when you are not able to locate the source of information that you need.

If you can follow these guidelines properly, there is nothing that will stop you from acing this paper.