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The Best Dissertation Writers Reveal Their Secrets of Success

Writing a dissertation is a life-altering experience that can either break or make a person into full-fledged scientist. The decision to step into the scientific field should be thoroughly considered, because completing a dissertation requires a lot of time and tremendous efforts. It will be rather painful to waste your efforts on something you will not able to ace. But once the decision is made and fully justified, it comes down to the procedure. It is rather difficult to start your life’s work without consulting experts who have already been through it and can share their priceless experiences with a confused newcomer. Most of them claim that there are no magical techniques or methods that can make a person into a good academic writer. The key to success is hard work on a day-to-day basis.

The secrets the best dissertation writers reveal are as simple as these:

  • Secret #1
  • Sit down and write. The process should be practiced in the quiet place with no distractions at all; you are not allowed to take your phone there. What’s more is that there should be no Internet connection, just your word processor and your brains. Research and editing should be eliminated from the process as well, because these activities require another method of approach.

  • Secret # 2
  • Do not wait until you have inspiration to write. The best ideas usually manifest during the writing process, so it should be long and regular. People who have succeeded in writing their dissertations claim that commitment to the writing process is sometimes more important than genius. Writing a dissertation is a feasible daily job. It is best to write for 50 minutes straight, for 4 hours every day; 10 minute breaks should separate the writing sessions.

  • Secret #3
  • Remember that there are good and bad days in the writing process. During good days, you have thousands of brilliant ideas and breakthroughs. However, during bad days, you feel that everything you write is worthless. The secret is to get used to feeling bad and just force yourself to write.

  • Secret #4
  • Think about your dissertation as a draft of a future book. A draft cannot be perfect by default. Therefore, do not concentrate on making every detail perfect, and just go on writing.

  • Secret #5
  • Shift your thinking from the way a graduate student does to the way it is done by a Ph.D. A dissertation is not a task you have to complete; it is a job that you have to do in order to ensure a bright future.