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The Top 30 Good Dissertation Topics In Economics

Writing an academic paper requires more than just penning down a certain number of words on paper. This is more about thinking critically, understanding your subject, having an insight and adopting several planned strategies and effective techniques to complete the paper on time and with quality. You may be new to this kind of writing because unlike ordinary essays or comprehension passages, dissertations and research papers are complex in nature.

Economics is an interesting subject that talks about supply, demand and their equilibrium from an individual’s point of view as well as on a larger scale. You can divide economics into two major sections like microeconomics and macroeconomics. From here, you can sub-divide your paper into easy categories like opportunity cost, liquidity trap, balance of payments, recession, inflation and different economic structures. When you divide the paper, you will have easy options to narrow down your subject and research. It is better for you to choose a topic that is narrow enough or broad enough to cover your subject and topic. Remember that the topic you choose needs to be fresh and unique. If you talk about an old concept or idea, then no one will be interested in your assignment

Topics for a dissertation in economics

Below is a list of interesting topics you can use for a dissertation in economics

  1. Perfect competition and realistic approach
  2. How is Marxism a failed theory according to economics
  3. How terrorism effects the stock values and shares of a country or state
  4. The rise in real estate property over the past decade
  5. Opportunity cost
  6. Liquidity trap and its causes
  7. The difference between inflation and deflation
  8. The marginal productivity theory
  9. War and economy
  10. Tangible goods and labor division
  11. Labor turnover
  12. Just in time and economy
  13. Mergers and acquisitions
  14. The deciding factors for market price
  15. How to achieve market equilibrium
  16. Why some goods have inelasticity of demand
  17. What is inelasticity of supply
  18. There is no free lunch, describe this statement
  19. Economy and trade offs
  20. The partnership between Coca-Cola and America Association of Physicians
  21. Tariffs and quotas
  22. Subsidizing dairy products
  23. Taxation of cigarettes
  24. Progressive taxation
  25. State level income tax
  26. Insurance and government employees
  27. Wages and salaries
  28. Monetary value of goods
  29. Barter economy
  30. Economics in ancient civilizations