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Doctorate Without A Dissertation: A Solution For Those Who Have No Time To Write The Paper

Writing a dissertation is the hardest task for students during their entire academic career. Most of the times, students feel stuck and do not move forward with their dissertation even for months. This type of situation can occur due to a number of reasons. Here are top few

  • Students do not plan their dissertation and end up in a mess
  • Students do not have any experience with dissertation writing and fail to complete their paper
  • Students keep delaying their dissertation and fail due to their laziness
  • Students hate to write lengthy and complicated research work in the dissertation
  • Students have no clue what should their dissertation be about
  • Students lose focus and concentration half way through because the process is repetitive and monotonous
  • Students are afraid of being rejected and this leads to anxiety and stress
  • Students even complete their dissertation but fail to answer the questions of the dissertation committee members
  • Students have other priorities and they do not want to spend their time and energy on a boring task
  • Students who want to complete their dissertation and even have a passion for their subject, face difficulties with certain sections in their paper
  • Students, sometimes have problems in understanding the instructions given by their teacher for the paper and formatting style

These are major problems students face when they need to write a dissertation. It depends on the subject and the institute to make the dissertation writing process easy or tough. A dissertation is the worst nightmare for most of the students around the world. They wish they could receive their doctorate degree without having to go through the pain of writing a dissertation. This will be easy and they will be able to utilize their time in doing something more productive.

There is good news for all those students who think dissertation is the only hurdle between them and their doctorate degree. Several universities and institutes offer online programs and other doctorate level educational degrees, which do not require dissertation writing. Students can enroll in such programs and receive their doctorate degree without writing a dissertation and worrying about the research and format issues. However, such programs are not very common and the student will have to search carefully for institutes, which offer such degrees and programs. Usually online programs will offer such flexibility.