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Are There Any Doctorate Programs Without A Dissertation

Doctorate programs are a lot of work; there is no way around that. Many people decide not to become involved in a doctorate course, as they believe that they will be unable to handle the workload; especially the painfully intricate dissertation one must complete if they hope to pass such a program. But is a dissertation necessary in every doctorate program? Is there anyway you can achieve your doctorate without having to spend long hours working on your final paper? Here, we have your answer.

  1. Online courses -
    • There are a great deal if doctorate courses online which do not require you to submit a dissertation. These courses will also allow you to study around your work schedule.
    • Convenient as they are, online courses are typically looked down upon by those who have studied at a physical college. It may prove rather difficult for you to find a job once you have completed your course.

  2. Physical Therapy -
    • Physical Therapy is subject, which does not require a dissertation. If you have a passion for sport, this may be the course for you.
    • A doctorate it Physical Therapy won't leave you with a huge amount of career choices. If you don't want to commit to one career for the res of your life, perhaps you should choose a different program.

  3. Doctor of Management -
    • I'm not going to lie, I'm not entirely sure what this is. What I do know, however, is that Colorado Technical University allows students to complete this course without presenting a dissertation.
    • Students are expected to write a series of other papers to make up for their dissertation absence, which means the workload should be the same no matter which you choose.

  4. Practical based subjects -
    • Physical Therapy (mentioned in point two) does not require a dissertation, as it is an extremely practical subject. Most other practical based subject do not require a dissertation
    • Practical based subjects will involve a degree of talent in the field you are studying and so may be difficult to be successful in if you are unsure of what you are doing.

  5. Don't choose just any subject -
    • If you choose a doctorate program purely because it doesn't require a dissertation, then you are choosing it for the wrong reason.
    • If you study something, which you are not passionate about, you will soon find yourself feeling unhappy and regretting your choice.