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Who Can Write My Dissertation For Me - Problem Solved?

A dissertation is a major piece of writing. Any student who has got to the position where they have the opportunity to create such academic work will naturally face a number of questions.

  • Do I have the talent and the time to complete the task?
  • Will I get an excellent score?
  • Will I choose the right topic?

The answers to those questions above and to several others are unique to every student. There is no charge and there are plenty of reasons in support of seeking feedback and information from other people. The first person to contact is your potential supervisor. They are experienced in supervising students to write a dissertation and can give valuable advice.

But what if you have doubts about your ability to complete the dissertation and certainly to complete it to a very high standard? Well if that is the situation then you should consider the possibility of finding somebody else to write the dissertation for you. What are the pros and cons of taking that decision?

The benefits

Provided you partner with someone who has outstanding ability and preferably experience and expertise in the writing of dissertations, you have the likely prospect of being in possession of a superbly written dissertation. The flow on effects from getting a very high mark for your dissertation can be a higher degree, better employment prospects and with benefits of better pay etc.

The disadvantages

You could partner with somebody who does not have the necessary ability to produce a work of high standard. Presumably you will be paying for their services and might be in a position where you could very well waste your money. Even if you don't waste your money and the work produced is of a high standard, if this is not entirely your own work you run the risk of being exposed as someone indulging in plagiarism.

So yes it is possible to find many people who for a price can write your dissertation for you but whether or not that solves the problem or raises another one is only something you can decide.

In many cases it might be that an experienced dissertation writer becomes a research assistant and feedback provider as you do the actual writing. Getting help with research, planning and regular revision may be even more beneficial than having someone write the actual dissertation.