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How To Come Up With Professional Leadership Dissertation Topics

A leadership dissertation is a requirement for many management courses. Management has been defined as doing it right while leadership is doing the right thing. There is a subtle difference; management is focused on how to complete a project while leadership concentrates on why it’s being completed and the motivation to do it. Leadership is about the big idea and concept, while management is about control and detail.

Leadership dissertation topics.

  • What is leadership? Understand leadership concepts and styles.
  • How can leadership affect a project’s success?
  • Historically, who were the most successful leaders and why?
  • How does a manager of a project display leadership and also deliver results?
  • Leadership is highly prized in the armed forces but leadership in business is different. Discuss why leadership in business requires give and take.
  • A commercial team will require rewards for their efforts. How does the leader recognize individual effort?
  • How to balance leadership and management constraints on workforce utilization.
  • How to get an order obeyed using the element of persuasion.
  • The importance of leadership in project success and taking responsibility for failure.
  • Leadership and taking the blame when things do not go as planned.
  • How to see a situation from the perspective of a leader.
  • Not everyone is a leader; what makes them special?
  • How can a leader persuade team members to give of they’re best and make a contribution?
  • Leadership using persuasion and convincing team members rather than just ordering something to be done.
  • Empowering individuals to give of their best.
  • Encouraging the team or group to achieve agreed targets.
  • How should a leader reward effort?
  • Making sure team members feel confident and self-assured.

Make sure you follow your outline for the dissertation, and when in doubt, ask for your professor’s advice. Leadership is a very wide topic and it is difficult to stay on track and maintain a sense of direction because of the many different aspects of leadership. The dissertation must have well argued logical content and a convincing argument and conclusion.

Perhaps the best source of information is to read previous leadership dissertations to see how their writers have pursued their arguments and arrived at their conclusions. You need to complete your dissertation with sources that have been fully identified and listed at the end of the dissertation.