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How to write an introduction for a thesis paper: helpful assistance

Your thesis paper is built on the introductory paragraph. If you have created a good, interesting and provoking introduction, it could lead to generate a strong impact on a reader and he will be compelled to read the rest of your paper. Introductory paragraph should have a strong starting sentence, which should be divided into 2-3 sentences. It should be based upon a fact and should be interested enough to drag the reader’s attention.

Your first sentence is going to give a base to your essay and the last sentence of your introductory paragraph is actually your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be narrow, so that you could complete your explanation in the essay length.

The introductory paragraph could be summarized as:

  • Strong, interesting, fact based first sentence
  • Reader’s hooking sentence
  • Knowledge providing sentences
  • Last line should be specified as it is going to raise your thesis statement

The actual thesis statement; which is stated in the end of introduction, and your essay will be built on it.

Hook your reader

Hooking your reader’s attention is a trick to keep his interest in, and to engage him throughout the essay. Your style should be attractive. It could contain humor, anecdotes, curiosity, surprising or interesting facts and important quotes.

How to make your thesis statement

It seems difficult to make a thesis statement, but in real, it’s the easiest part of the game. Your thesis statement could be derived by the explanation that you have described in your essay. Here is a tip of writing a thesis statement, go through all your details, and convert it into a question, and try to answer the question in a single narrow statement. The statement is going to be the extract of your whole essay.

For instance, your thesis statement goes around poverty, hunger and high illiteracy rate of a specific region, and your concern is to remove poverty, hunger and illiteracy rate from an under developed country, then you could ask a question from yourself. How could hunger, poverty and illiteracy be removed? The answer should be specific and precise, so that it could become your thesis statement.

“Education raises awareness, and removes hunger and poverty from a country”

It could be your statement and you could argue, explain and could support your statement by quoting statistics and interesting facts to it.