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Skills required to become a professional in selecting topics for thesis statements

Writing a dissertation requires some serious and professional skills. If someone is extra keen about the chosen dissertation topic, then he might overlook the particular skills that are needed to complete the dissertation topic. The reason is that in the first place, he is motivated about the topic and then he has enough time to learn the skills while he goes on with his dissertation. There may be people who are good in quantitative research methods. Therefore, if they want to write about qualitative research, then they have to learn those skills. A student good in learning might not find hard to master such skills.

Skills required for becoming a Professional in Selecting Topics:

  • Do I have the right skills? – To begin with, ask yourself questions like:

    • Can I write a dissertation?
    • Am I good in qualitative research or quantitative research or both?
    • Can I get access to different organizations that are relevant to my dissertation?
    • How good is my language and writing skills?
    • Who will be there to help me if I found some skill different to learn?

  • Develop interest in the topic – If you have chosen a topic which you already like a lot, then this will be an added advantage for you. But if you have selected a topic which doesn’t interest you much, then either try to develop an interest in it or choose some other topic. The reason for this thing is that if you don’t have the interest, you cannot write a satisfactory dissertation.

  • Topic choosing Skills – Be sure that the scope of the dissertation topic that you selected shouldn’t be too broad or too narrow. If it is too broad then you might get distracted from the core of the topic till you reach the end. On the other side, if the scope of the topic is too narrow, then you might fall short of arguments. Further make sure that there is enough information available on your chosen topic.

  • Access to the resources – There is nobody who can complete a certain dissertation without any help or support. Sometimes you need the help of your university resources like teachers, computers and library, etc. And sometimes you need to get access to a particular organization if you have chosen that as your topic of the dissertation. Make sure that you have all the permissions to access those resources.