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Accounting Dissertation Tips –A useful guide

Writing your Dissertation takes time and a special format that must be followed. Here are a few tips to help you write your Dissertation and make a good grade.

What is your topic?

When you are starting your Dissertation on accounting you first need to decide what topic of accounting are you going to focus on? Some options would be Global Economy, Global Banking, and financial law. This is just a few but let’s focus not on the topics themselves but on how to format the Dissertation and obtain a superior grade. Once you have chosen your topic you need to do some research into the meaning of your topic and analyze others information on your topic. You need to create a thesis statement that expresses the message you are trying to convey to the reader. You will present your department head with your topic and thesis and get approval to continue. This should be done around the first semester of the year. You will have refined your topic and thesis to get approval. Once you have approval you start your collection of research.

Researching your topic.

You will collect data, literature and information pertinent to your topic. You want to get as many references as possible so that you have an excess of data to write on. Once the data is all collected and your feel you have enough references then you will start analyzing the information.

Writing the rough draft.

The first right up would be the rough draft, sometimes it is very helpful to lay out your rough draft in outline form so you can see ever subtopic and its points in a clear way. This helps you to rearrange the information to best suit the subject. Always provide samples to your teacher and friend’s familiar with the process for feedback. Using tables and diagrams help to put the words into context for visual readers.

Once satisfied start the final draft.

Once you are satisfied with your draft and its corrections then it is time to begin writing the final draft. This will take a long time. A dissertation is not something that can be done over the weekend. It takes time, it takes dedication, and it takes months to put it all together and sound like a truly educated piece of academic work.

Proofreading is your friend.

Once you have completed it take some time to red it out loud. This will help you to see any flaws that may be lurking inside that you didn’t see with your eyes. Sometimes it helps to read it backwards. This will show you the words that you may have missed that don’t sound right or are misspelled. Proofreading if your best friend at this point and it doesn’t hurt to put a lot of eyes and ears on it. Once you’re satisfied with your work then you’re ready to turn it in.