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Picking Up Fresh Dissertation Topics About Advertising Techniques

If you’re studying marketing, business studies or some other topic or subject that may require you to write a dissertation on the subject of advertising techniques, then you may be trying to find out more about what kind of topics and titles you can use for your work.

The theme of advertising techniques is quite wide ranging, especially as more and more different advertising techniques are being developed all the time. In fact, in the new digital era, there are plenty of new ways in which advertisers may wish to try and get their messages heard. For example, with the number of people that have mobile phones that can now connect to the Internet - as well as tablets, laptops and any other device that enable people to go online - there are plenty of ways in which advertisers can direct their messages at individuals.

Using modern technology as a basis for your topic

As mentioned, there are various different technological gadgets that people now own which can be exploited by advertisers. You may wish to look at what new directions advertisers are taking marketing techniques into. For example, these days there are plenty of direct advertising techniques that are used, which can only exist as a result of developments in computer technology and programming. For example, the use of cookies enables websites to gather information about what individuals look at on the Internet.

As a result, advertisers are then able to direct individual adverts that they think will be most relevant to the individual who will see them. For example, if you were to look for holidays or hotels in a certain area, then you will soon find adverts cropping up on webpages that you look at advertising on behalf of various travel companies.

As well as looking at modern technology, there are plenty other topics that you may wish to consider. Furthermore, some ideas that you may wish to look at have been listed below.

  • What would life be like without advertising?
  • Advertising techniques on social media websites
  • Direct advertising and how it influences us to buy products
  • The future of advertising techniques
  • How have advertising techniques evolved over the past century
  • What is the difference between aggressive impressive advertising?
  • Does the digital revolution mean that printed advertising is a dead art form?
  • What advertising techniques should small and medium-sized businesses employ?
  • What budget should major international companies put towards advertising techniques?
  • The evolution of advertising