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17 Successful Dissertation Ideas In Sports Journalism

Your research idea will determine the ease with which you will write your dissertation. Sports journalism presents incredible ideas that will make your writing process easier and fun. There are different ways of getting an idea on your area of study and ensuring that your paper is compelling beyond giving you a higher score.

  • Sporting Trends- the opportunity to write your paper is a perfect chance to evaluate trends in the sporting world. The areas of interest include match coverage, the sportsmen and women, tournaments, ownership of clubs, etc. The choice of a trendy topic ensures that your paper is interesting to read.

  • Area of interest- writing a dissertation in sport journalism on your area of interest makes the process fun. It takes boredom off research and makes you more creative. Interest sparks insight which is useful in making your work compelling to the reader.

  • Recommendations from past research works- when perusing through research work, you will come across recommendations on areas that need more research. Pick one of the areas and base your dissertation on it.

  • Consult your supervisor- supervisors understand your interests and abilities and are better placed to direct you when choosing a topic. They also understand the ease in finding research materials on different areas.

Fresh Topics for a Dissertation in Sports Journalism

  1. Whose interest in a club: shareholder, fans or players?
  2. Use of pain killers to utilize injured players.
  3. Who manages a club, the coach or the share holders?
  4. Economic issues in sports coverage
  5. Covering racial discrimination
  6. Attention beyond the sporting field
  7. Whose story during coverage? The player or the team?
  8. When journalists dig too deep into the lives of sportsmen and women.
  9. Covering male vs female athletes.
  10. Coverage in the advent of the internet and social media
  11. Protecting brands during sports coverage
  12. Covering physically challenged athletes
  13. Protecting the decency of sportsmen and women during coverage
  14. Covering a team you do not support and remaining objective
  15. Sensitivity during sport tragedies
  16. Covering animal sports
  17. Protecting children and underage in sports coverage

A good topic idea is not all you will require to write a compelling dissertation in sports journalism. You will need to research and understand the particular area or sport you are writing about. This includes the organization of the game and relationships between stakeholders in the industry. Passion will bring better results and confirm your understanding than the most extensive reading.