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In Search Of A Relevant Dissertation Example On The Web: Basic Tips

Finalizing on a topic for your dissertation is probably the toughest part of the whole process. If you are going to do a thesis the topic needs to be unexplored. You cannot write on topics that have already being covered but you also need information for research. The best option is to find a middle ground. Select a unique topic but also get some ideas from the relevant examples that resemble your topic in some way.

Here are some basic tips that will help you fine tune your search for the relevant examples and in turn make sure you finish your dissertation by the deadline:

  • Select a topic you are actually interested in. This way you do not dread the hours you are going to spend searching for information. This will also be useful in finding relevant examples because you will already know where most of the information is available. You will also know more people who know about the subject and hence get all the help you may need.
  • Select topics that can be solved through the dissertation. There is no pint in choosing a fancy topic and then being unable to solve it through your research work. When you select a solvable topic there is high chance of finding relevant examples in various web portals. Most people work on scalable topics and hence it is easier to get samples of thesis based on such topics.
  • Leave room for movement. Say you have found an idea but when you search you find out that someone has already done a dissertation on it. What you can do is work on the same topic but explore a different perspective or angel. This is a great way because you already have a ready pamphlet and all you will have to do is work on things that have not been covered or angels that have not been explored.

Do not make it too broad

When you make your objectives too broad you will find too many options and most likely get overwhelmed. The best way to find relevant examples is keeping the objective narrow and to the point. Since you have to do in depth research it is advisable to keep your patience even when you find the right sample the first time around. By searching on relevant forums you will be able to get the required samples