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PhD Thesis: Where to Search for Assistance?

Writing a PhD thesis separates the serious students from those who are not so serious. When serious students undertake this task, they look everywhere they can for help. Unfortunately for those serious students, when they want help, they do not know where to look. In the world of PhD writing, you cannot turn to any old place for help because of the complexity of the thesis project. Here are a few of the most useful places to turn for help:

  • Your professor: Most PhD candidates have a professor or a small committee of professors who act as advisors. Instructors can help with many writing projects, but since their time is so limited, you should only go to your professors with specific questions. You might only get 15 to 20 minutes with your instructor, which is not much time to get assistance on an entire PhD thesis.

  • Writing labs: Most universities have writing labs either on campus or online. These writing labs are stocked with students who have significant writing experience and you might even be able to find someone who has experience writing a PhD thesis. If they do not, you can always search for online writing labs that cater to people who are working on their advanced degrees.

  • Writing websites: The Internet is full of websites that help students with their writing projects. These range from sites that help high school students all the way to students like you who are working on their PhD thesis. Writing websites can help with small problems that you might face and they can also help students by writing their entire PhD thesis. These are small businesses, so if you get help from a writing website, you should expect to pay for the services they provide.

  • Recent graduates: There plenty of students who have just graduated with their PhD degree and they will help candidates like you succeed. Your instructor might be able to help you find recent graduates who wrote outstanding theses and who would be willing to share thoughts and suggestions.

  • Find samples: There are samples of every type of paper available either online or in school databases. There are thesis databases at most universities. Keep in mind that you cannot use the thesis samples as your own, but they can be used as models for your own paper. Many students simply benefit from having a paper that acts as a guide.