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Where Can I Find English Dissertation Examples?

Choosing your topic for you English dissertation can be difficult if you have no idea where to start.  But using English dissertation examples can help you in that process.  Reading other English dissertations can get you creative juices flowing as you learn about other topics that have been done in your major.  English dissertation examples can also show what you dissertation should look like and how it is formatted.  This can also help you see what should and shouldn’t go into your dissertation.  Your research is very important to your work and putting irrelevant or too much information in your dissertation can be disastrous.  You can find good examples online, at your schools or local library.  It’s not hard to find them but you do have to look for the right examples for your major.

Where To Find English Dissertation Examples

  • Your local and schools libraries do keep dissertations on file or they can tell you books that have examples of English dissertations in them.  This is just one of the free ways that you can find examples.

  • You can also search for them online, most college and university sites have sections for each major and copies of past students dissertations that you can use as examples.

  • One place that I found that had great examples of English dissertations is the Scholars Bank of Oregon. This is the library site for the University Of Oregon.  The allow you to search their libraries database as a guest and there are hundreds of dissertations available to you.

  • Another good site that allows you to look at dissertations in different subjects, including English is the SQA Understanding Standards site.  You can select the subject that you need examples for and it will give dissertations in that subject.

  • Georgia State University Scholar Works site has all of their English dissertations and theses from 2005- present on this site.  This will give you an idea of what topics were popular that year and if you can elaborate on any of the subjects.

  • The University of Leeds library site has around fifty different English dissertations that you can choose from on their site.  Some dissertation examples are only available to students but there are still some great examples on this site.

Find specific dissertation examples are a little more difficult and you have to weed through the ones that just want to give you topics.  These places and sites should be able to get you started in your search or even be all you need to write your English dissertation.