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10 powerful topics that suit almost for every science thesis paper

The thesis is not the end of your academic study as you might believe but rather the first piece of significant academic work in your career. Not only is it a learning process for you but it is a way for you to contribute new knowledge to the area of study. What you learn about writing and research from this process will remain with you for the rest of your academic career.

The best way to get through the process is to break it all down into manageable chunks. This will help you to address small components individually until the entire task is complete.

The first manageable component you need to tackle is coming up with the thesis or the topic you are going to cover in your piece of academic writing. Coming up with viable science thesis topics can be difficult. There are of course many branches of science each of which may have different requirements for a thesis. But if you are looking for 10 powerful biological science topics that suit almost every paper then try these topics for inspiration:

  • Write about the history of human parasitology
  • Write about early detection for certain viruses
  • Analyze colonial variation in a particular species
  • Discuss the results of nicotine feeding for the pituitary glands of rats
  • Research the effects of maternal blood for mice
  • Research the existence of certain mussels in oceanic regions
  • Research the humoral aspects of histoplasmosis
  • Research the best management practices for science centers
  • Study the water quality of a particular region
  • Write on the effects of THB on development of larva in frogs
  • Study the cerebellar maturation in frogs

You of course do not need to feel limited by these. They are very specific thesis topics that you might use as inspiration. Try and brainstorm after you have read over them to see if it sparks anything in you.

The first topic you choose is often too broad to be covered in the short number of pages you have at your disposal which is why the examples above are narrow titles. You can use them as inspiration to narrow your broad topic down or as an example on which you might want to write.

Please note that once you have your topic selected it is important that you get it approved by your advisor before you begin thorough research.