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Guide On How To Cope With Dissertation Methods Section

For most disciplines the dissertation methods section serves a very important function in that it provides the reader (or researcher) with the exact approach you have undertaken to conduct your study. While writing the section may come after conducting your study you should take accurate and detailed notes explaining your approach right from the start. This will make it easier to write the section and will also prevent you from making any mistakes. Here is everything you need to know about coping with the dissertation methods section:

Choosing the Correct Research Method

The very first thing to do when dealing with this section is appropriately identifying your research method. This can be a bit confusing at first as each discipline will have different types of methods to choose from. A brief list of your options includes the quantitative, qualitative, interviews, observations, questionnaires, textual study, and document analysis. It might help to familiarize yourself with previously used approaches in studies that are similar to your own. If you are working in an entirely new area then be sure you have thought critically about the reasoning behind your selected approach.

Structuring the Methods Section

This section needs to written objectively, which means that you shouldn’t bring up any personal view or opinion. Essentially, you are providing the reader with instructions on how to replicate the study. Start the section by providing the conceptual framework of your study. If you are primarily using texts then you should state what those are and what sections you will be focusing on. If you are conducting a lab study you need to identify your test materials and system for conducting the tests. Provide all explanation justifying the content or materials used to do your study. This should answer any questions the reader may have concerning why specific things may have been left out.

How to Write this Section’s Conclusion

The final paragraph of the methods section should be considered the conclusion and treated just like you would the final paragraph of any other kind of writing assignment. Be sure to summarize and synthesize the information, essentially pointing out to the reader how your approach was vital in the way you conducted your study and how you came upon your findings. Since the section should be written in a direct and clear manner, without introducing any personal view or opinion, so to should the final paragraph remain entirely objective and not point towards your hypothesis or thesis statement.