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Coming Up With Brilliant Social Work Dissertation Ideas

A few tips to help you produce a compelling social work dissertation…

Procrastination will probably kill it, tomorrow

It may seem like you have all the time in the world, and that you can dilly-dally around like a waif doing nothing of import until a week before you have to submit your dissertation. Well, appearances can be deceptive. Is it quite hyperbole to posit that if one was expected to produce a particular work in, say, 4 months, the same work of the same quality will be produced at the last moment? Do not procrastinate!

One glance is never ever enough

You may be at a bar and may have caught a glance of a very attractive woman or guy, you will not approach them without thinking it over, and taking a second look, and thinking it over, and thinking it over, would you? So, would it be wise to hand in your precious social work dissertation without thoroughly checking it first? Check it, and then check it again! Read it, reread it, and then read it again! Proofread, and check for plagiarism if there is any scope for there to be any! Leave no room for error!

People are not quite patient with clutter

Ordinarily, people are woebegone with confusion and disorganization in glut in their own lives, any external imposition of confusion will only agitate them. Frustrating the readers, especially readers who are going to grade you for your work, with a confusing, prolix, long-winded, meandering and discursive dissertation is only inviting trouble. If your dissertation detailed, complex and large in longevity, then break it down into smaller chunks so that the readers can absorb it little by little. This will enable them to not only read what you have written better, but to understand and appreciate it as well, provided of course that it is well written.

Be Succinct

Grandiloquent is a quite grandiloquent word. It is okay to be grandiloquent, especially when writing academically; it may very well be welcome. But it should not be just for the sake of being. God invented grammar and the various forms of sentences for a reason. Use the beauty of grammatical variance to produce compelling yet succinct sentences that waste nobody’s time.

Shine, this is your chance to shine

You have been given the golden opportunity to apply yourself to anything you desire. Use it to study anything and everything that you may want, it is your opportunity to shine.