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Are there sources with catchy and interesting dissertation topics?

Yes there is any number of sources with catchy and interesting dissertation topics but you need to remember that while the title of your topic is important, it is the quality and depth of your topic which is equally as important. Don't make the mistake of choosing a topic because it has a catchy or interesting title. The topic must have depth and we’ll examine that issue later - in more depth!

You could always visit your school or college library and look for dissertation essays and comments and marks they have received from their teachers or professors. This can be a source of inspiration for you in finding other catchy and interesting dissertation topics. Reading other essays is a great way to find ideas and inspiration.

The Internet has the world on a string

There is an almost an unlimited number of websites which talk about the many dissertation topics. Some even go as far as describing their topics as being catchy and interesting which seems to be your goal in reading this article.

So if you are looking for something which you think is catchy or interesting or both, then going online and using a search engine to look for such topics is a fairly easy task. But finding what you might think is the ideal topic is not necessarily going to mean you will write a brilliant dissertation.

Remember that the best dissertation topics are those which take a point of view on a subject and make the case that their point of view is correct or the right one. The best of the best dissertation topics will see the writer not only making their case for their argument very well but also pointing out the faults or failings of the opposing point of view. This is the total approach to writing a dissertation.

In looking for your catchy or interesting topic, consider two things. Does it have a strong opposing point of view so that you will be able to mount your case with double strength? And does the subject have depth? You will never be able to write a powerful dissertation no matter how catchy or interesting the topic unless it has sufficient depth. This means you are able to go into great detail on one or more aspects of the topic and thus mount a powerful argument.