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How To Come Up With New Nursing Dissertation Topics

The dissertation is quite an involved process. It is a final piece that will earn you the degree and title that you are looking for. But finding a good topic can be hard. The best way to come up with new nursing dissertation topics that haven’t been used over and over again is to really dig deeply within yourself and figure out what you love.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you become a nurse or study the field of nursing because a loved one received poor treatment and you wanted to rectify this? Perhaps there is something there about the ethics or difficulties of treatment versus insurance.

  • Did you study nursing because you are interested in the advances in medicine? If so you can focus on one particularly challenging field that you have struggled with and might still find exciting. There are many advances in medicine that haven’t been beaten to death via dissertations and you can still use them.

  • Did your loved one or someone you know pass from an incurable disease? There may be ways you can research the disease and what progress has been made or what tricks there are to getting the funded needed to start progress.

The key to ensuring you have an interesting topic that is new and not overused is to find something that you have a passion for. Chances are there is research enough in the field for you to create a thorough argument but the thesis still has room to grow.

Ask yourself these questions and see what pops into your head. Sit back and free write as you reflect on your history with the field of nursing. Do this several times and see what information you can find inside the free write notes. You may uncover something from deep down that you did not know was there or a unique angle on a research subject that you have never covered before.

If you are having trouble starting your nursing dissertation you might need to take a moment to get out whatever is clouding your mind. This may seem philosophical in nature but that does not mean it is not true or effective. It is difficult to think creatively when things are troubling you. If you cannot sit down and get started on your project then take a moment to journal or note the things that are clouding your mind. Just free writing like this can clear the brain and allow for creativity to flow. You will be surprised how quickly you can begin writing.